We eradicate counterfeit products.

checkitsreal is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which detects and eliminates counterfeit products.

Up to 70% of products for sale by third parties on Amazon are counterfeit.

checkitsreal delivers validation tags (NFC chips, RFID, QR codes, Holograms) and verification services to all market sectors, including pharma, apparel, foodstuffs, consumer electronics, cosmetics, beauty products and toiletries.

We spend over $1.7 Trillion on counterfeit products every year.

checkitsreal is the only app available today which allows anyone, anywhere, instantly validate the authenticity of a product using their smartphone.

In a test reported by CBS News last February, 40% of products purchased from the top 5 US online retailers were fake, including all of the cosmetics.

The checkitsreal app can be configured to identify that the product has been sold and is no longer available for purchase, protecting both the consumer and the supplier.

Don’t trust its real, checkitsreal!



Guaranteed Authenticity

Guaranteed Authenticity

checkitsreal has a unique and highly secure Blockchain database which contains details of billions of products manufactured across the world

Each time a manufacturer produces a product, they send the details of that product to our secure Blockchain database. Our database records details of that product and issues aunique encrypted checkitsreal tags for every single item. This code is printed on the product label and it’s packaging

The consumer simply scans the checkitsreal tags from the product using a mobile device. The checkitsreal app unencrypts this code, verifies it against the details provided by the manufacturer and confirms if the product is genuine or not directly on the device

Guaranteed Security

Guaranteed Security

checkitsreal are the first and only company in the world to use a (patent pending) encrypted secure Blockchain database architecture for asset recording and authentication

A Blockchain database is made up of a large network of independent database servers, each of which are in sync with each other. As soon as a record is appended to the database, all instances of the database simultaneously update

Every record added to the database must contain encrypted keys before it is accepted by the Blockchain database. These keys form an interlinking chain This multitude of in-sync databases and verified-chain data structure makes the checkitsreal database impossible to hack

Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Product manufacturers have a duty of care to consumers to provide products which are accurately described and produced to specific standards

International manufacturers carefully manage their production processes and supply chain to ensure the highest standards of product manufacture, production and distribution

checkitsreal makes sure that the consumer is getting exactly what they expect, protecting both industry and the consumer

Guaranteed Safety

Guaranteed Safety

When you purchase a product, be it baby formula or a high-end designer handbag, you need it to be real. After all that is what you are paying for. Counterfeit products are specifically made to look exactly like the real thing, but they are not produced to the same standards

If you purchase a fake designer handbag you have effectively thrown away your money, as the counterfeit item is virtually worthless

If, however, you purchase baby formula or sunscreen, the consequences of the counterfeit product are far more dangerous

checkitsreal is the most powerful authentication solution on the market and is based on state of the art encryption and patent pending Blockchaintechnology

With checkitsreal, you can be 100% confident that what is buy is authentic