Kleos is an international telecommunications equipment manufacturer. Kleos Radio Base Station (RBS) technology is deployed in a multitude of sites across the world. An RBS is comprised of a number of individual components, each of which must be installed correctly for the RBS to function

checkitsreal have developed a specific app which Kleos installation engineers use to perform quality assurance when an RBS is first installed. The checkitsreal/Kleos app scans each tag in concert at time of installation. The app provides assurance that the RBS is present and correct and it automatically hands over site update information to the backend telecoms provisioning servers for site auto-provisioning.


A household sports brand is implementing checkitsreal technology across their supply chain. checkitsreal tags will be printed on the merchandise to ensure that the brand maintains their integrity and customer support by providing an ‘easy to use’ solution for consumers to ensure that their merchandise is genuine

After the consumer scans a valid checkitsrealĀ tags, they are then invited to join the brand’s loyalty club. With one click the consumer registers and is then eligible for unique offers based on their profile and purchase history


An international automotive component manufacturer is in the process of implementing checkitsreal tags on selected inventory. The objectives of this implementation are: to guard against counterfeit parts being unknowingly sold by their authorised supply chain; ensure that only environmentally compliant parts are used in specific derestriction and to manage export controls.