Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each time a company produces a product, they communicate with our Blockchain database and request a unique QR code from us. This unique QR code is printed on the packaging for the product or directly onto the product itself

When you receive your product, simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet using your checkitsreal app. The app will decrypt the QR code, verify its digital signature and will check the code against the Blockchain database

If it is a valid code then the product details will be displayed in the app on your device. If the code fails then you will be advised that this product is not genuine and should be returned

What's to stop a fraudster creating their own QR codes?

A fraudster can create as many fake QR codes as they like, but none of them will get past our encryption!! The first thing our app does when you scan a QR code is to decrypt the code using our encryption keys. Only genuine QR codes, created by our Blockchain database, will be able to be decrypted by the checkitsreal app. If you scan a fake code then the app will tell you straight away that this is a fake code and that the product should be returned

OK, they can't create genuine checkitsreal.com QR codes, but what is to stop a fraudster simply copying a genuine code?

Our product tracking system will flag this up and tell you (via the app) that this is a copied code and hence the product is not genuine. We track the movement of the product through the supply chain and we know where each product is distributed from and to where they go. We have an AI system which uses several criteria to verify if the code has been fraudulently copied

How much does this cost me?

Nothing. Zero.

Who pays for this then?

We charge each of the manufacturing companies a fee for providing the service. It is in their interest to ensure that the product you receive is 100% genuine. That is what we are trying to ensure.