Each time a consumer scans a product checkitsreal tag, checkitsreal (in addition to validating the authenticity of the product) can record the metadata of that consumer, their location and other information held by their device

This data can inform the manufacturer’s marketing team and can be utilised to provide input into marketing campaigns


checkitsreal makes it easy for product manufacturers to connect directly with their customers. When a customer scans a checkitsreal tag, and after the product is verified as genuine, the checkitsreal can offer the customer a ‘Tap to Register’ option. This significantly increases the rate of successful product registration, allowing manufacturers connect with more customers.


A major issue for manufacturers is disruption to the supply chain, export control and the existence of a grey market

As part of the product sale process, the checkitsreal code can be scanned by the end retailer, assigning the product as ‘Sold’ for guarantee purposes. This tracks the product directly to exact point of sale which protects the integrity of the supply chain and the retailer

Products which were chipped to a specific channel which are then sold by an alternate (‘Grey’) channel can be immediately identified by the manufacturer, allowing them take corrective action

A counterfeit issue exists in many countries where authorised product retailers can (knowingly or unknowingly) sell counterfeit items. The use of checkitsreal at point of sale stops this activity


The verifymymeds app is specifically designed to authenticate medicinal products.  This app works in the say way as checkitsreal, with a tag being linked to a specific product in the checkitsreal Blockchain.

However verifymymeds provides complete anonymity for the consumer.  verifymymeds does not record any user data, and there is no option to register a product.  verifymymeds simply verifies the authenticity of meds.  The app is also designed to work in offline mode, which is a requirement for many clients.


Specific products need to be used by specific dates or are only designed to be used in specific locations. This management can be affected by checkitsreal, which can utilise date expiration and / or recall information along with export control data from the manufacturer. Should a product be expired or recalled this information can be displayed to the manufacturer or consumer immediately on QR scan

If a product is being used or sold in an unapproved derestriction this information is displayed for the consumer and tagged back to the manufacturer for follow up